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When Astrid Jurzitza started at Gira in Assembly over 25 years ago, she was still worried about whether she would meet her quota. But this fear was quickly forgotten. Today, she is not only confident in her work, she also constantly thinks about how the processes can be improved there. For also after more than two decades at the company she cannot rest if something is not going well. She is stubborn and relentless when it comes to implementing suggestions for improvement. And scarcely is a suggestion implemented then she is already thinking about the next one.

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Openness to new ideas

Implementation of suggestions for improvement

Commitment to quality

You have been working at Gira for over 25 years. Can you remember your first day of work in Assembly? What did it feel like?

AJ: My first thought was, hopefully I can manage to meet my quota. The colleagues who worked with me in Assembly back then helped me a lot when I started. I tried very hard but at the beginning did not always meet my quota. But that is normal.

How would you describe yourself at work and in the implementation of tasks?

AJ: I work conscientiously. The most important thing is to work conscientiously, i.e. as neatly and error-free as possible. Because it's all about quality. You must always be careful. If a cover is scratched, you have to reject if of course. Other colleagues are sometimes unsure. They call me then and let me have a look.

So you have a particularly good eye for it?

AJ: Yes, I am very sensitive. And sometimes if I am not sure, I also go to Quality Assurance and ask. It is also very important to stick to deadlines. It's all about the customer: they placed an order and ought to receive their things on time. Otherwise they'll get annoyed. Obviously. I always see myself as a customer – when I have ordered something, then I would like to receive it quickly and above all on time.

In all these years you have always been involved with suggestions for improvement. Where do you get your ideas from?

AJ: They just come. On the way home I am still thinking about work. Or when I am sitting in front of the TV I suddenly have an idea. Sometimes I call a friend after work and then we talk about work and about particular problems there. Then all of a sudden it hits me what we could do better. If I can't find a solution at first, then I leave it. And then a few days later, something good suddenly occurs to me. I write it down straight away so that I don't forget it. The next day I present it directly to our team leader.

If something isn't perfect does this bother you?

AJ: No, absolutely not. For example, at the assembly table, it's currently a bit of a squeeze. Sometimes I am also assigned there. Then I remember that some places are not so easy to work in. Then I try to improve it. If requested, then of course, something will be changed. But I am still not satisfied. I chase it up and I don't let up.

So would you describe yourself as persistent?

AJ: Yes, in that respect. I don't give up until I have achieved what I want. Then I am satisfied. Then at first I work with the suggestions and see if I really can manage with it and whether it's going well with my colleagues. And if I am still not satisfied with the result, then I just keep on at it. Until the right solution has been found and implemented.

Astrid Jurzitza enjoys doing things for her colleagues, for example when someone has a notable birthday. "Just giving someone a bunch of flowers and an envelope with money – that's boring. I come up with a more personal idea. I usually make something that also fits the person in question", says Astrid Jurzitza.

You have already made lots of suggestions for improvement. Give me an example.

AJ: About four years ago I suggested that we get a new riveting device. Our current device was not so easy to hold. It was difficult to perform the movement and after a longer period gave you shoulder pain. So I thought about how this could be changed. Together with my colleague, I had a closer look. For we were of the opinion that this work must be made easier with a suitable device. Then together we searched on the internet for a device which was specifically available for this work step. And we found a good one. My colleague printed out a description of the product and I showed it to the person in charge. Some time later we also got a new device, which is much better to use.

What kind of feeling is it when a suggestion for improvement is implemented and it works well?

AJ: It's a great feeling. Then I think: Great: you achieved your goal. This then motivates you again to keep on thinking about things.

Do you have any new suggestions at present?

AJ: Yes, we are working on an improvement again. As our company is growing very quickly, our segment is currently quite crowded, the tables are placed very close to each other. I have already told the segment manager that we have to change this. We are now planning and are considering which tables should be removed or placed differently. The segment manager comes to me and asks me for my ideas and what I think about it.

You also organise a lot outside work for the team spirit, for example small celebrations and get-togethers. When someone has a birthday, you take on the organisation and get a present. This also requires effort outside of working hours. Doesn't this bother you?

AJ: No, I enjoy doing it. If, for example, someone is celebrating a notable birthday, I collect money for a present. Then I also think about a special present. For anyone can give a bunch of flowers and an envelope with money. That's boring. I come up with a more personal idea. I usually make something nice, which is also appropriate. Of course, I do this in my free time. But I really enjoying doing it. I think it's great when someone's happy.

My colleagues are very important to me. What does your work at Gira mean to you?

AJ: I like the team spirit in our segment. Our boss also listens when someone is worried and would like to talk about it. That is important. I really enjoy working. When I am on holiday, then that is of course also nice. I can cope for two weeks. But after three weeks at the latest, I become restless. And then I'm very happy that I can go back to work again.



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She started working at Gira in Assembly, but a few weeks later changed to Dispatch. As part of restructuring measures, she went back to Assembly in 2006.

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