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Gira offers a variety of opportunities for school students. They can complete an internship at Gira that is individually tailored to their current level of training. Temporary jobs and holiday jobs are also available. All this offers a good opportunity to gain initial insights into our company. After leaving school, school students are welcome to join Gira as apprentices. Gira makes around 15 apprenticeships available each year, in technical and commercial professions.

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Internship at Gira

Various internships can be completed at Gira, some of which are individually tailored to the current level of training. Classic internships as part of the curriculum or during the holidays are geared to the six professions for which Gira offers training. Temporary and holiday jobs for school students are also available at Gira.

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Kim Brandenberg
Tel. +49 (0)2195 602 420


Application phase

You can apply for an internship or a temporary job at Gira directlyonline. The application should contain the following documents:

Cover letter
(including details of the
time period,
profession, and
specialist field)


Current school report/certificate

Declaration of consent from parents
(only applies to minors)


"I completed my training as an industrial business management assistant in 2004 and then worked in business administration for two years. From 2007 to 2012 I was the assistant to Dirk Giersiepen, Gira's Managing Partner. Today, I am head of Organisation/Processes and IT, this position also entailed being in charge of the introduction of SAP in the company from 2010 to 2012."

Sebastian Marz
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Vocational training at Gira

Training young people is a matter of great importance to Gira, as a healthy and growing company is always reliant on an increasing number of reliable, energetic and team-minded employees. For this reason, Gira carries out training to meet its own requirements and with the clear objective of enabling trainees to remain permanently at the company after their training. Gira makes around 15 apprenticeships available each year, in technical and commercial professions. In addition to conveying pure learning content, Gira attaches particular importance to the personal development of its young recruits. The company promotes attributes such as self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, commitment and team skills with special training programmes and project work. The trainees are provided with constant support in all specialist areas by qualified trainers and training officers. Gira also offers a wide range of further training measures as well as regular feedback discussions and a bonus scheme for above-average performance.

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Tool mechanic

The tool mechanic produces and maintains injection and pressing tools for plastics components. The trainee learns how to implement the design specifications from the design with different machining processes, including how to program and operate machines with numerical control.

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Process mechanic

The process mechanic's workplace is in the plastics production plant. He or she produces products and components with the help of various plastics processing methods. The trainee learns which plastics, additives and auxiliary materials optimise the material quality and which work processes flows produce the best product.

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Mechatronics engineer

The mechatronics engineer carries out tests, adjusts settings and carries out maintenance work on the production machines and systems and ensures smooth functioning of manufacturing. In order to be able to master the highly complex technology, the trainee moves between the disciplines of mechanics, electronics and IT.

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Industrial business management assistant

Industrial business management assistants deal with the entire range of a company's business-managerial activities. On the commercial side, this includes the sale of products and services, consulting and supporting customers, marketing activities, scheduling and the procurement of materials and production resources.

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Training allowance

In addition to the monthly remuneration shown above, additional performance-related bonus payments are possible.

Trial period

The trial period for vocational training at Gira is 4 months.


The interim exam or part 1 of the final exam [toolmaker] is held after approx. 18 months. The final examination is then held on completion of training.


"I completed my training as an industrial business management assistant at the beginning of 2000. After this, I worked as an export clerk and studied economics, obtaining a degree in business administration. In April 2013 I took over as head of the CRM project. From 2010 to 2013 I was sub-project leader for the introduction of SAP in the Sales and Distribution division."

Janina Becker


Support in induction week

All trainees take part in an induction week, which is entirely focused on getting to know each other. The new arrivals are given a guided tour of the company, get to know the head of training and the works council and complete first-aid training and an introduction to the company's relevant IT systems.

Special training measures

In-house training
In-house English lessons
Training in cooperation and communication
Training in work organisation, self management, learning methods and project management
Training in conducting discussions and conflict resolution
Training in presentation techniques

Feedback system, appraisals

Regular one-on-one discussions with training management
Quarterly appraisal meetings between trainees and training management
Assessments of the trainees after going through each department

Inspections and visits

Light + Building trade fair and other trade fairs
Other companies

Project work

All trainees assume responsibility in real-life projects. They either belong to the editing team of the quarterly employee magazine "Gira intern", or are responsible for the organisation of the Gira training day held annually and the presentation at other training fairs. Self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, self organisation and also assertiveness are developed in these training elements.


"In 2004 I completed my training as a toolmaker. After a year in Shanghai, where I worked for a reputable toolmaker that also manufactures tools for Gira, I returned to Gira. I was a project team member in tooling and supervised international tool procurement, among other things. I have been project manager in the plastics centre since May 2011."

Clas Vesper
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Application procedure

Anyone interested in training at Gira should be sure to keep an eye on the timeframe for the recruitment process. Gira already accepts applications before the summer holidays and at the annual training day. A current school report/certificate only needs to be submitted at a later date. The selection process, which is structured as follows, begins directly after the summer holidays:

Recruitment test
(exception: warehouse logistics specialist)

First interview

Second interview

Application documents

For training at Gira, please only apply online. Application documents must be collated in a PDF file, whose size may not exceed 4 MB. The application must be complete. This should include:

Cover letter


Your last three school reports/certificates and all relevant diplomas

Proof of

Other courses, training sessions, volunteer positions, extracurricular activities


Guido Zimmermann
Training Manager
Technical Professions
Tel. +49 (0)2195 602 214

Annabelle Rothe
Training Manager
Commercial Professions
Tel. +49 (0)2195 602 6331

Kim Brandenburg
General Training
Tel. +49 (0)2195 602 420

Gira training day

Yes, to a vocational training programme, but which one? Every year, hundreds of thousands of school leavers struggle with this sometimes tricky question. The perfect opportunity to find an answer to it is at the annual Gira training day.

SuMMER 2018

What exactly awaits young people at the training day? Students interested in the seven training vocational training programmes

Participants in the training day can choose between two tours. Future trainees who are interested in commercial professions can learn about the following areas:

Tool mechanic

Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology

Mechatronics engineer

Industrial business management assistant

Management assistant for office management

Catering specialist (m/f)

1. Key Account

2. Marketing

3. Customer centre

4. Purchasing

5. Scheduling

6. Human resources department

7. Special features of the vocational training

can take advantage of the rare opportunity once a year to learn about their dream job first-hand, instead of reading theoretical descriptions in how-to books. Visitors get to know the company on a guided tour during which Gira trainees present the tasks involved in their job profiles in detail. The good thing about this is that the Gira trainees have been organising this day themselves for several years and also introduce the departments. This gives visitors an excellent opportunity to openly ask any burning questions they may have – even those which they perhaps lack the courage to ask later in the job interview.

The tour for technical professions introduces visitors to the following areas:

1. Tool design

2. Technical centre

3. Mould construction

4. NC lathe

5. Training workshop

6. Training room

7. Plastics production/medical technology

8. Robots in plastics production


In the thick of it: At Gira, employees are not only encouraged to take language courses, but also to embark on language study with specialised continuing education content abroad, for instance in Shanghai.

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