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Gira offers a wide range of activities with potential for development in various technical and commercial occupations. A job at Gira means exciting tasks and prospects in a committed team and a responsible, innovative company. Gira offers fair remuneration, significant support for further training and career development, and attaches importance to healthy working conditions and a work/family balance.

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Design and development, promoting innovations – Gira offers interesting and varied activities in a range of occupations.


Remuneration and financial benefits

Fair and reliable remuneration is a matter of course for Gira. In this regard, the company consistently adheres to the provisions of the collective agreements of the metal and electrical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia and in some aspects goes above and beyond this. Options for structuring company-specific performance-related remuneration are actively pursued. In addition, there is a series of social benefits and additional benefits.


Commitment to collective bargaining agreements

Gira is committed to collective bargaining agreements. The provisions of the collective agreements of the metal and electrical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia are consistently adhered to, in some aspects Gira also goes above and beyond this.

Company-specific performance-related remuneration

Options for structuring company-specific performance-related remuneration are actively pursued. Performance-related remuneration is closely linked to company targets or the targets of individual company divisions. With the earning opportunities that this provides, Gira always goes beyond the provisions of the collective agreements.

Social benefits

With regard to company pension schemes, contributions to capital formation and supplementary insurance in the area of healthcare, Gira has concluded framework agreements with various insurers, which offer Gira employees a comprehensive benefits package at attractive conditions. The company has set up a social insurance fund for prolonged cases of illness, where continued payment of salary can no longer be assumed.

Supplementary benefits

All employees receive financial support for travel between home and the workplace. Gira offers an attractive selection of meals and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner at subsidised rates at the Radevormwald site.

Perspectives at Gira

"I need change, I love learning and achieving new goals". When I started in assembly, I soon applied for a position as team coordinator and then trained as an industrial foreman."

Biljana Branisavljevic-Sovic
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Further training

As a company in which innovation and flexibility play a key role, Gira attaches a great deal of importance to providing its employees and managers with regular, targeted training opportunities. Key to this is ensuring that the training is linked as closely as possible to achieving the company's targets.


Advanced training

After training, you can proceed to advanced training. Depending on the profession, commitment, personal inclination and aptitude, Gira supports traditional advanced training opportunities such as training as a technician or a master craftsman, or part-time continuing education courses. Some examples for guidance:

Advanced training in the technical professions

Foreman in plastics and rubber [in different specialist fields]

Technician specialising in mechanical engineering

Technician specialising in process engineering

IT operative or IT strategic professionals part-time continuing education course for a Bachelor of Engineering degree

Advanced training in the commercial professions

Part-time continuing education course for a Bachelor of Arts degree

Specialist in foreign trade, marketing or purchasing/materials management

IT specialist [state certified]

Regular training programmes

Gira has developed the in-house staff development programme "Gira Campus" for the advancement of its employees, which in addition to specialist expertise, also promotes social and methodological expertise. In addition, the company supports participation in further training sessions, courses, seminars and conferences, each individually tailored to employees' personal qualification requirements. Examples of the above include:

Foreign languages [English]
Communication skills
Conflict management
Project management

Executive development

Managers receive intensive support and encouragement at Gira. Employees who assume managerial responsibility for the first time are prepared for this step in a targeted manner with internal and external measures. Gira provides existing managers with further development support in line with their personal development goals. To do this it offers tailor-made training measures or mentoring by an experienced coach.

Annual appraisal meetings with all employees

Every year, executives hold annual appraisal meetings with their employees. During these appraisal meetings targets are agreed, the achievement of targets is assessed, performance and conduct are evaluated, development requirements are determined, and targets are set for employees' further development.


Gira requires and encourages its employees to visit trade fairs, colloquia, external work groups, and partner companies.


"The open-minded attitude towards reconciling work and family life has always been one of Gira's fundamental principles."

Christiane Fastenau
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Life and work

A work/family balance, healthy working conditions, freedom and flexibility - these aspects are very important at Gira, as they are indispensable to achieving satisfaction and good performance at the workplace. It must be possible to achieve a good balance between work and family life. This is a goal that Gira takes very seriously – and it concerns Gira employees with children in particular. Gira's new childcare centre ensures that infants are well and reliably cared for. Gira also offers the possibility of individually agreeing flexible working hours and also working from home.


Flexible working time

As part of its flexible working time system, Gira employees can, with due consideration of company and departmental targets, decide for themselves when to start and finish work – of course always bearing in mind the successful course of business and smooth cooperation with colleagues.

Trust-based working hours, working from home

Gira offers a trust-based working hours model for many positions, in accordance with which an individually agreed portion of working time can be completed at home. This ensures continued participation in corporate coordination or decision-making processes.

With plenty of space to play, learn and romp around, the small children of Gira employees are well looked after in the company's
in-house childcare centre.

Gira childcare centre

In keeping with its family-friendly corporate policy, Gira has now achieved another milestone. Supported by the Radevormwald town council, the company has constructed a childcare centre on its premises. The centre opened in October 2014. Young children from the age of six months up to the age of 3 are cared for in the Gira childcare centre.

Successfully reconciling work and family is often a challenge, especially with regard to re-entering working life. As part of its family-friendly corporate policy, Gira places a great deal of importance on actively helping its staff to manage work and family life – with measures that make a noticeable difference. A crucial component of this is the Gira childcare centre, which opened its doors in October 2014. The Gira childcare centre will care for children up to the age of 3 – in other words, until they make the transition to a regular kindergarten. Gira is therefore making an important provision for the time when there tends to be an acute shortage of childcare services.

The Gira childcare centre offers space for two groups of ten children each. This guarantees that high-quality educational care can be provided. Only well-trained, state-approved childcare staff are employed. The children are also given breakfast and lunch as part of the childcare service. There are also plans to keep the centre open during the holidays so that optimum care that parents can rely on is provided during this time too. The Gira childcare centre is supported by the company Kita Concept. For Gira, it is important that the childcare centre be non-denominational and politically independent. Parental contributions for the childcare depend on the income-related table applicable in Radevormwald.

So a lively group of little ones in the Gira childcare centre is the latest addition to the company.


opening hours
6am - 6pm

Breakfast and lunch
provided for the

Two groups, each with
10 children under the age of 3

Exemplary building
with a feel-good factor

Active health management

Active health management is an essential component of responsible corporate leadership. Gira has taken on this task, systematically introducing and implementing numerous measures since 2007. After performing an initial analysis of the work situation in manufacturing, the company derived a set of concrete measures. This includes, for example, the introduction of informal welcome back meetings offered to people after a long illness-related absence. These are intended to inform staff of any changes that may have taken place during their absence and hear about how they are feeling and whether they've overcome their health issues, so that, if necessary, Gira can optimise their working environment to help their recovery.

The company has also set up a mental health hotline: two consultations are offered for Gira employees per week. Conversations are held outside the workplace and are completely anonymous.


As part of the prevention programme, Gira cooperates with Sports UP XXL, a professional gym in Schwelm: Twice a month, employees at the sport and fitness centre offer general health checks and spinal screening, nutritional advice and massages at Gira. In addition to these individual appointments, the trainers also offer advice to Gira employees in the workplace. What's special about this, is that staff can take advantage of it during working hours. All employees also receive membership of two nearby, well-equipped fitness centres where they can work out for free after work or at weekends. The attendance rate is 46% of all employees and thus clearly well above the target of 30 per cent.


32% of all employees
used the
free gym membership
in 2015

Offer of monthly
health checks
and consultations

Anonymous telephone hotline offering
mental health counselling

Welcome back meetings
after an illness-related


International opportunities

Gira has representatives in 39 countries. This offers employees various opportunities for short-term or also long-term assignments abroad. For it is important to also foster personal contacts in the various countries and to regularly get an impression of the circumstances there. Tasks while travelling include visits to trade fairs, conducting planning meetings for marketing at the importer, and discussions with the local architects. An excellent knowledge of English is required. To promote this skill, Gira offers English lessons for all employees already working in international relations and also for those who are interested or want to brush up their skills.

People at Gira > Clas Vesper

Adventure with a safety rope

In 2005, the management offered its trainees a year-long placement abroad for the first time. One of the options on the table was a stay in China. No-one took up the challenge – except Clas Vesper, who was then an apprentice toolmaker in the plastics production plant. He assumed a pioneering role and also posed new logistical challenges for Gira relating to the organisation of a job, accommodation and a visa. Just under a year later he started his trip to the mega-metropolis Shanghai.
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