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Whether for school or college students, graduates or people with professional experience – whether internship, apprenticeship, start of professional career or a new job for new challenges – Gira offers a range of options for joining the company, exciting activities and tasks and a host of prospects for further training and career development. Select your joining level here and you can find all the key information for your start at Gira on a separate page.

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Openness, transparency and communication: With its horizontally structured steel-and-glass façades, the Gira production building, which was inaugurated in 2002, reflects the company's basic principles.

People at Gira > Claus Schrödinger, Michael Weber

Freedom to develop innovative ideas

Claus Schrödinger and Michael Weber joined Gira as sales engineers at the age of 18 or 19 respectively. As part of their activities with planners and architects, they have, over the years, become increasingly involved in the implementation of complex functions of Gira high-tech products in calls for tender.
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Technical sales marketing

Innovation processes

Development of new tasks

People at Gira > Frank Schimmelpfennig

New Challenges Every Day

Frank Schimmelpfennig, Head of Electronics Development, explains why you only get things done as a team. Together with his team he is overcoming challenges such as the growing complexity of products and the ever increasing pressure to innovate. "What's interesting about the job is that nothing has stayed the same as it was 20 years ago." The key to success lies in fluid communication between the various teams, and in each individual's personal initiative.
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Complexity of products

Product development

Personal initiative of employees

People at Gira > Sebastian Marz

Going to the limits – with backup

At the age of just 29, Sebastian Marz heads up what might be Gira's largest organisational project: the introduction of SAP as the lead software for all business processes in the company. "No ordinary task", says the industrial business management assistant and industrial engineer, who took over as assistant to the management at the age of just 24. "But one which is easily doable – if the support is there in the company."
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Innovation processes

New technologies

Project management

People at Gira > Class Vesper

Adventure with a safety rope

In 2005, the management offered its trainees a year-long placement abroad for the first time. One of the options on the table was a stay in China. No-one took up the challenge – except Clas Vesper, who was then an apprentice toolmaker in the plastics production plant. He assumed a pioneering role and also posed new logistical challenges for Gira relating to the organisation of a job, accommodation and a visa. Just under a year later he started his trip to the mega-metropolis Shanghai.
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Vocational training

Stay abroad

Dual course of study

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